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People don't join organizations ... they join cultures. Make yours a culture of RESULTS!
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Congratulations! You are a graduate of one (or more!) of the CORE management development programs listed below or you were wise enough to buy the CORE book.


To gain access, select the link for the program(s) you have attended or for the book you read and the implementation/integration resources for that program/book will be available to you. You will need the User Name and Password you have been given. If you have misplaced your logon information, please send us an email and provide us with your name and the name of your organization.


Enjoy the journey!


Book Resource Area: CORE: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Results

The Book: CORE ... Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Results


CORE ... Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Results is the book that has helped hundreds of people build an organizational culture that achieves extraordinary results. Here are the resources to support YOU in this journey. [Note: The password for this area is contained on Page 7 of the book.]

People Management Essentials resource area

People Management Essentials


People Management Essentials includes all the essentials for managers/supervisors to engage and manage their employees more effectively. The workshop provides a solid foundation in motivation and reinforcement strategies, setting goals and expectations, performance management techniques and continuous improvement processes.

Manager/supervisor/coach/HR resource area

Performance Coaching


Higher performing organizations know that the secret to successful talent development is an effective coaching system that engages employees in the activities that drive peak organizational performance.

Manager/supervisor/coach/HR resource area

Leading Change


Even though managers and project/team leads are charged with leading organizations confidently into the future, many find the task challenging (even frustrating at times). This workshop provides the necessary components to create a change-embracing culture as well as the reinforcement strategies to make change self-sustaining.

New Employee Orientation Facilitator Resource Area

Leading Innovation


When people (or an entire organization) 'play it safe' there aren't many failures, but there isn't much intellectual stimulation or many new innovations either. A person (or organization) that doesn't innovate ... stagnates!

New Employee Orientation Facilitator Resource Area

Teimwork ® (Yes, this IS spelled correctly!)


Contrary to popular opinion, there is an 'I' in teamwork! (Yes, all those posters that claim otherwise are just plain wrong!) It's each team member's individual commitment that determines team success. In essence, before you can have effective self-directed teams, you must have self-directed individuals!